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Welcome Home


Parkview Home is located in the quaint small town of Wayland, Iowa.  We are a stand alone faith-based home where we serve our residents with Christian values.  Our home is a nonprofit association.  We have been governed and supported by a church affiliated board since 1961.  The Christian values of our governing body dictates their mission, which is Parkview Home.

Our senior lifestyle focuses on enhancing fellowships with friends as each day is a true blessing.

Parkview Home is located adjacent to our picturesque town park, which we are named for.  The residents are able to experience the seasonal changes with their personal views of the park.


Where you are family

            102 N. Jackson St.  P.O. Box 38

                     Wayland, Iowa 52654

                     Phone: 319-256-3525

                       Fax: 319-256-4022


Our Mission

Parkview Home is a ministry in covenant with the  local Mennonite churches of Wayland and surrounding area. Our goal is to provide a ministry of care and service to our residents with consideration of their physical and spiritual needs. We strive to support mutual respect and interaction among residents, families, staff and community. We believe as is written in Luke 6:31, "Do to others as you would have them do to you". 

Parkview Home is a 34 bed Skilled Nursing Facility with 24 private rooms and 5 semi-private rooms.  There are 18 Residential Care rooms within the facility.  Outside the facility, we offer 12 independent apartments, 5 condos and 6 duplex units. The village consists of a 12 apartment complex, a five-unit condo, and 4 duplexes.

Comfortable accommodations are available for overnight guests.

For those requiring it, a physical therapy room and therapists in Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are on site as needed. These disciplines support our skilled nursing capabilities as we assist our elders in getting better and going home. Other personal needs are cared for through our in-home laundry, beauty shop, and whirlpool bathing system. Staff and elders enjoy many activities provided by local talent and traveling musicians who stop in to perform shows.

Parkview is just a few steps away from the city park. It's great for visits  and where our residents can view the changing of the seasons. It is also where Park-view got its name. Having the park so close gives the residents a feel that they are involved every day with the community.

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