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Living Options at Parkview

Discover the array of comfortable and convenient living options available at Parkview Village and Parkview Home. Designed with our residents' needs and preferences in mind, our accommodations offer the perfect blend of independence, community, and support. Whether you're looking for the spaciousness of a duplex, the convenience of a condo, or the comprehensive care of our residential and nursing facilities, Parkview has something to suit every lifestyle.


Parkview Village Accommodations:

  • Duplex Living:

    • Each of our duplexes features two-bedrooms complete with decks and attached garage, each boasting its own unique charm.

  •  Five-Plex Living:

    • ​Our five-unit condos offer two-bedrooms, outside deck, attached garage and a laundry unit, epitomizing comfort and convenience.

  • Membership Benefits: Residents enjoy a one-time membership followed by a monthly service fee, covering a range of services including:

    • Interior and Exterior Maintenance

    • Lawn Care and Snow Removal

    • Access to West Apartment Lounge Areas

    • Property Tax (additional to service fee)

  • Community Privileges: Joining Parkview Village grants access to exclusive amenities such as:

    • Complimentary use of the corner lounge and basement family room in the Health Center for meetings,and gatherings.

    • Participation in a selective variety of Parkview activities, including special meals, music events, and more.

Parkview Apartments

  • Convenient Location: Situated just three blocks from downtown Wayland and adjacent to the city park, our one and two-bedroom apartments offer both accessibility and scenic views.

  • Amenities and Services: A one-time refundable deposit and a monthly fee provide residents with:

    • Comprehensive maintenance services

    • Access to on-site laundry facilities

    • Use of the fitness center (monthly membership required)

    • Family lounge for larger gatherings

    • Dedicated parking spaces

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Residential & Nursing Care

  • Private Rooms & Suites: Choose from eighteen private residential care (RCF) rooms or opt for a two-room RCF suite, all with picturesque views of the park and gardens.

  • Comprehensive Care: Our residential care includes medication administration, 24-hour nursing oversight, daily meals, and personal care services, along with a vibrant activities program.

  • Long-Term Nursing Care: Tailored for those needing round-the-clock nursing assistance, our long-term care features a collaborative approach to care planning, involving residents, families, and an interdisciplinary team.

  • Community & Rehabilitation: Enjoy our communal areas and take advantage of in-house physician visits and personalized rehabilitation therapies, including physical, occupational, and speech therapy, aimed at maximizing independence and quality of life.

At Parkview, we're not just a facility; we're a community that cherishes each resident's individuality and journey. We invite you to explore the living options we offer and find the perfect fit for you or your loved one in our supportive and caring environment. For more information or to schedule a visit, please contact us.

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